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BM Birla, CMRI brave Covid-19 fear factor to save lives in Kolkata

Committed to patient care and providing quality cardiac care, CK Birla Hospitals like BM Birla Heart Research Centre and CMRI remain focused even during the lockdown period, writes Supriyo Hazra

Kanchan Jajodia, a resident of Kolkata, underwent an emergency cardiac surgery at the BM Birla Heart Research Centre, which saved her life.

The patient, who lives at Alipore, was treated at BMB hospital, for cardiac ailment during the lock down period. She had a tough time fighting her cardiac issues, she was wheeled to the hospital late March 2020. She barely thought she would make through as her condition was deteriorating.

On top of that with the present lockdown condition, her family members were clueless as how to manage the medical emergency.

To them BMB was God send. They came to BM Birla Heart Research Centre and the patient was assessed by Dr Anjan Siotia who referred her to Dr Manoj Daga who did the surgery.

She expressed her thankfulness and is obliged to the doctors, admin and the medical fraternity who took utmost care of her. The empathy and the care that she received from all health workers reassured her and her family members when there is a panic like situation out in the world, the calm and composure of the healthcare workers undoubtedly needs to be appreciated.

The patient was very happy with the home like treatment by the medical staff and the doctors. She said, “I had lost all my hopes of getting better. I had surrendered to my medical condition due to the prevailing conditions. I came to the hospital on ventilators and kept fighting throughout and I am sure that it would’ve have been impossible without the admin and the medical fraternity at the hospital.”

“Their perseverance to get me medically fit is the reason I survived all the hurdles of my medical war during this pandemic situation.”

Dr Manoj Daga, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, said: “It was an important emergency surgery but the trust of the patient and their relatives in the doctor made us take such a big risk of performing the surgery.”

According to Dr Anjan Siotia, Interventional Cardiology, BMB Heart Research Centre, ” I have certain message to give to patients during this time of lockdown. Do not hide your symptoms. I know that patients are scared of getting infected by Covid-19 at the hospital but the chances of that happening at BMB hospital is extremely low.”

“We’ve been taking very stringent measures that will reduce the risk of that event happening to zero. The procedures are only carried forward when it is ensured that the patient is only suffering a heart problem and then the further procedures are carried out at the cath labs.

“So we are open and so are the facilities at our hospitals. We’ve been continuing to operate cardiac patients with successful results. If you think you have a cardiac problem, do not hesitate to at least visit our emergency department. We have a 24 hours emergency depart and they will access the patients and if required the patients are admitted. There’s no need to panic as well as you cannot self-medicate at home for your heart ailment,” Dr. Siotia said.

Dr Siotia believes, that in the middle of a pandemic, everybody is scared and are worrying about the Coronavirus situation.

“However we are treating patients and are ready to treat our patients with the best healthcare facilities possible. We have made sure that all the government recommended guidelines are strictly being followed at our hospital and anybody with cardiac problems coming to us are provided with the best quality cardiac care.

“At the same time, we ensure the safety of the health care workers. The medical fraternity is equipped with proper protection gear like the PPE and Hazmat suits and sanitization of the hospital area equipment following the CDC and WHO guidelines. Any patient who requires getting through a surgery and having symptoms of Covid 19 are tested for Covid before surgery. Such patients are also isolated as per the government guidelines so that the risk of cross-infection can be minimized,” he said.

The pandemic situation due to Novel Coronavirus has created a panic amongst people. While people are staying indoors within the lockdown, the sense of fright from Coronavirus has also locked them down from coming up for their regular medical check-ups.

The time is indeed tough but there are chances of things getting worse from here if the patients don’t show up with their medical ailments on time, just because they’re too scared of getting infected by Covid-19.

The fear of Covid-19 has been gradually leading to patients suffering from a major disease such as cardiac problems and cancer, getting worse with passing time and are ultimately resulting in critical medical conditions or fatality. The fatality caused by other medical issues have significantly risen more than Covid-19, as patients are not getting treated well on time.

Recently, one of the major cancer surgery have been carried out at CMRI, CK Birla Hospitals.

Dr Sumit Gulati and Dr Supriyo Ghatak said the medical fraternity has been on their toes to get the patients treated well on time.

“We are ready to treat all our patients irrespective of their medical conditions. So, it now becomes the patients’ duty to show up at our hospital premises to seek treatment for curing these major medical conditions, staying at home will never do any good and the health conditions will deteriorate with time. The situation is not likely to get better anytime soon, so whatever the medical ailment might be, we’re there to take care through this unique situation. It is imperative to get oneself adapted to the normal new,” they said.

The 58-year-old patient, Mr S K Das, came seeking for medical help in a very critical condition. He said, “I had my plans of getting treated at Hyderabad for my medical condition. So, I kept delaying the surgery thinking that I will do the surgery only after the lockdown would end. ‘

“Little did I realise, that I was sitting on a ticking time bomb as the disease was not waiting for the lockdown to end. I came seeking for help to CMRI. Here after consultation with Dr Gulati he explained that if not operated now the liver tumour might not be feasible to operate, it had already gown in size in a months’ time. I took no risk and trusted my doctor. One must listen to the doctors and go to them as and when needed irrespective of the prevailing conditions. It is important to get the right treatment at the right time.”

Dr Sumit Gulati and Dr Supriyo Ghatak, Consultant Gastrointestinal Surgeons, said: “We’ve operated on the patient and have removed the liver tumour. The surgery was a tough call for us but we did it on an emergency basis for the best clinical come out for the patient.”

“The patient had delayed staying at home waiting for the lockdown to end. Hence, the size of the tumour increased due to lack of medical attention at the earliest stage. It is our humble request to all such people suffering from major or minor ailments to put up their brave fronts and come up to us.

“The lockdown in the country is as indefinite as the cure to the virus, but what can be taken care of, should be taken care of as an individual responsibility. Do not self-medicate, do not think that the virus will go on a particular date with the lock down please adapt to the normal new and seek medical help at the earliest if required.”

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