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Fate was unkind to young Pradeep who was detected with severe kidney disorder at an early age of 26. An IT engineer, tossing between a busy life and blooming career at a crucial juncture, he did not see this coming. The disorder had aggravated to an extent of the requirement of dialysis eventually followed by a transplant. During the search of a donor, Pradeep’s mother came forward who certainly put her son’s life and recovery before everything else in the world. Being knocked down by a serious disease at such stage in life is undoubtedly depressing, however, both Pradeep and his mother didn’t give in to the blows of fate. With tremendous zeal and will-power, they relentlessly fought against all odds to write the new chapters of his life. The transplant was successful and brought smiles of joy on Pradeep’s and his mother’s faces. Today, Pradeep on resuming normalcy and regular work life, expresses sincere gratitude to his beloved mother and the expert team of doctors at CK Birla Hospitals.

Disclaimer: The names of the patient have been changed to protect their privacy.

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