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CMRI introduces Robot-assisted Knee Replacement in Eastern India

News Desk, News Nation 360: The knee replacement technology is a solution to high end complicated replacement procedure which enables surgeons to deliver more predictable outcome along with increased accuracy. CK Birla Hospitals -CMRI, introduces Robotic Ortho Surgery for the first time in Eastern India with the latest cutting-edge technology. Robot-assisted surgery has become a state of the art technology which enables operating with enhanced precision and accuracy. Recently CMRI conducted an insightful and engaging session on Robot-assisted knee replacement with the most skilled orthopaedic robotic surgeon Dr Rakesh Rajput, director-Department of Orthopaedics, CMRI. Patients who

underwent the surgery walked the ramp along with people from the world of art. The enriching session was focussed on patients like Prasanta Das, a 55 years old male patient, was delighted with the outcome of the surgery and is already walking and the road to recovery just 2 days after the surgery, Sadhana Pal, a 63 years old female patient who navigated through indescribable pain under the supervision of Dr Rajput couldn’t contain her happiness of being able to walk freely post-surgery, Sunita Seth, a 57 years old female patient, whose confidence, determination and will power saw her make a complete recovery under the able care of Dr Rajput, Sova Samaddar, 63 years old, is now ready to take on life’s challenges without any fear or inhibitions and Mihir Kumar Kar, 72 years old never gave up on his dreams of walking freely without any support with Dr Rajput, being by his side. According to Dr Rakesh Rajput, they would like to focus more on the technical aspects as the world is changing digitally, so they need to cope up with its innovative robust digital transformation. Robot-assisted surgeries ensure quality diagnoses and lower the risk of missed opportunities, it would help them improve utilization and make care-delivery processes more effective. With robotics-assisted joint replacement, they are driving their leadership ahead and ensuring that they are at par with the world. Dr Simardeep S Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals, Kolkata expressed they strongly believe that innovation and adoption of new technology are the touchstones of the advancement of the healthcare industry. These initiatives have enabled them to save countless patients and to maintain their focus on providing continuous quality healthcare. This technology has been launched in India immediately after the westernworld and they are only the first hospital in East India to adopt it successfully.

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