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  • Calcutta Medical Research Institute 7/2 Diamond Harbour Road Kolkata-700027, West Bengal

Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Department of CMRI offers comprehensive primary care services in an outpatient setting along with providing complete care to hospitalized patients suffering from a broad range of ailments. The department is well equipped with the latest technologies to manage acute and chronic health conditions such as diabetes and coronary disease, acute illness like respiratory tract infections and joint pains. Internal medicine is the foundation on which all the medical super specialties are built.

It is the first point of contact for any patient who seeks a specialist opinion as the internist has a holistic approach towards a patient, analyses various problems and then if required refers to the concerned super-specialist whose highly specialized skills are used for the patients’ benefit.

The Department of Internal Medicine at CMRI is a thread which links with all the departments and specialties in the hospital. Our expert healthcare team is comprised of Board-Certified physicians of internal medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics, nurses, medical assistants, and skilled support staff. The Department of Internal medicine doctors focuses on delivering multidisciplinary care to patients of all ages.

The team also provides health education and expert counseling to the patients and their attendants in order to facilitate a speedy recovery. The team works in collaboration with the other specialty divisions for a complete evaluation of the patient’s condition and perform complex procedures. The Internal medicine doctors are skilled in providing personalized and effective care to all the patients along with follow-up visits to ensure complete recovery.

The operations of the department are in adherence to international protocols.

Treatments and Measures

  • Treatment of infectious ailments like tuberculosis, gastroenteritis, malaria and typhoid.
  • Investigations, risk assessment of diseases and management
  • General illnesses like allergies, headaches, flu and cold, sore throat, ear infection, hepatitis and urinary tract infection.
  • Treatment of chronic and acute illnesses like pneumonia, asthma, digestive disorders and lung disorders too.
  • Health check for adults, including diabetics.
  • Management of lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders.
  • Management of chronic health issues like metabolic syndrome, obesity and lipid disorders.
  • Pre-operative analysis and supervision of patients undertaking surgeries.
  • Treatment of the geriatric patients.

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Internal medicine is a speciality in the field of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Doctors specializing in the field of internal medicine are often called as internists.

An internal medicine specialist mostly deals with diseases in adults, however, they can also treat children if required and if they have had special training in dealing with children’s diseases.

An internal medicine specialist does not perform surgery, however, minor procedures like endoscopy, and mole removal can be performed by them.

 Yes, an internist and internal medicine specialist are the same. Doctors specializing in the field of internal medicine are often called internists who deal with a broad range of diseases in adults.

Yes, there are specialities in internal medicine like – nephrology – endocrinology – neurology – gastroenterology – oncology – immunology – hematology – rheumatology.

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