Department of Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant also referred to as renal transplant, is a surgical procedure that aims at removing a diseased or dysfunctional kidney of a patient suffering from an end-stage renal ailment and replacing it with a healthy kidney taken from a suitable donor. Kidney transplant is one of the most common transplant procedures and our expert team at CMRI Hospital offers leading-edge innovations and modalities for the same. We have a dedicated transplant unit and ICUs, fully equipped with the finest equipment and technology. We offer comprehensive care facilities for the management of terminally ill patients who are not eligible for the transplant. 

Evaluation & Preparation Of Patients for Renal Transplant: 
Scope : ( In case of both Adult & Paediatric patients)

Expert procedures performed at CMRI (Seldom performed in Eastern India)

Our Clinical Experts


Soni Lami

CMRI Hospital, Kolkata | 14-year-old Soni Lami - kidney Transplant| Dr. Rajiv Sinha.

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