About Dr. Bibhas Ranjan Kundu

Dr. Bibhas Ranjan Kundu is a consultant Urologist associated with The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Kolkata.

Dr. Kundu set up the LASER unit in CMRI in 2007 and is the current HOD of the department 

He has successfully conducted more than 6000 LASER procedures for Prostate and Urinary Stones.

The unit currently has state of the art Lasers and Video Flexi URS equipment for all kinds of urinary stones

Apart from these minimally invasive procedures, Dr Kundu has a special interest in reconstructive Urologicsl Surgery like Urethra and Bladder reconstruction 

Patients with Prostatic enlargement, Cancer of Kidneys Bladder & Prostate, Urinary stones, Bleeding from the Urethra ( Hematuria), Urethral narrowing (Strictures) will greatly benefit from his experienced handling.


  • MBBS
  •  MS
  •  FRCS

Work & Experience

24 Years Experience