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  • Calcutta Medical Research Institute 7/2 Diamond Harbour Road Kolkata-700027, West Bengal


CK Birla Hospitals CMRI is proud to take care of a 108-year-old patient, Mrs. Padomani Sardar. She belongs to a nearby district of Kolkata, Champahati and lives there with her family. Her visitors in the hospital are her 4th generation who describes her as an acute loving great great grandmother. Her sons who are now retired from their respective jobs take good care of their mother and make sure she is always in good health. However, due to some physical ailment, she was admitted but she is one of the most cooperative and compliant patients. With a smile, Mrs. Padomani Sardar says ‘I love to eat fruits and follow a strict diet. I also go for a morning walk every day when at home with a stick. I have been taken good care but now would want to go back home’.

Mrs. Padomani Sardar is a ‘Happy Patient’ of CMRI and our team of doctors’ and nurses are making sure to provide special attention to her. We wish her speedy recovery and good health

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