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FFRO Guidelines

FFRO Guidelines:

Information for Foreign Patients for seeking Healthcare Services at The Calcutta Medical Research Institute as per new guidelines form Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India. A. Medical Visa Requirement.

  1. Foreigners intending to take treatment in India should come with Medical Visa only. OCI card is a multi-purpose Visa and so, OCI Cardholders can take medical treatment.
  2. No other type of Visa holder would be entitled to take medical treatment as per the FRRO guideline in India.
  3. The Hospitals would avoid treatment in the nature of investigations, diagnostic tests, indoor admission of the patients, major operations, or interventions of like nature to Foreigners without Medical Visa / OCI Card.
  4. The Foreign patient may be at best to take OPD consultancy only with a non-Medical Visa. B. Conversion of normal Visa to Medical Visa.
  5. The conversion of other normal Visas to Medical Visas can be done at FRRO Office. Foreigners Regional Registration Officer, Kolkata 237, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata Contact: 033 22900549 The applicants should come with Online Application for Visa Conversion. Website: C. Emergency Medical Cases.
  6. Emergency cases may be admitted/treated as per the requirement. However, the Hospital would take necessary steps for converting the Visa to Medical Visa, and for completion of the Registration formalities post-facto. Patient / Patient Relatives are requested to extend their help to the Hospital authorities in the completion of the necessary formalities. D. Medical Visa Extension.
  7. In the cases of extension of Medical Visa, the Hospitals would mention further treatment period, which will be taken into consideration by the FRRO for extension of the Visa period.
  8. The Hospitals have been advised to avoid liberal recommendations for Medical Visa extension. A Foreigner is expected to return with a new Medical Visa issued from Indian High Commission or Consulate in their Home country.

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