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What to add to your plate after knee replacement?

What to add to your plate after knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopaedic procedures, offered at all the best multispeciality hospitals in Kolkata. It involves the replacement of damaged or diseased knee joints with prosthetic components that are prepared artificially. Undergoing a knee replacement is not a small deal and it is not only the surgery that matters but also the recovery and rehabilitation. If you are planning for a healthy recovery after your knee replacement, there are a lot of things that are to be taken care of apart from looking after your wound and going for physiotherapy. The best orthopaedic surgeon in Kolkata suggests that this includes your diet as well.

A healthy diet is important for helping your body regain its lost strength by providing it with all the nutrients that are important for healing. Eating healthy does not require a lot of effort but only a little persistence and dedication. In this blog, we have listed some healthy foods that will surely aid your recovery with the help of experts specialising in knee replacement in Kolkata.

Protein-rich foods – Did you know that nearly 55 per cent of your bone volume is because of proteins? We’ll, proteins form a major component of your bones and are very important for their growth and development. When you are planning a diet for your bones, you should never miss out on proteins as it helps to make up for the bone loss, enhance bone mass and lower the risks of infection. The deficiency of protein in your body can bring down the levels of bone-building hormones and slow down your healing process. Proteins are usually found in eggs, seafood, meat and chicken. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can try soybean or other soy products, chia seeds, spinach, beans and lentils.

Foods with calcium – Calcium is one of the most important components required for bone development. It was in close coordination with proteins to support bone formation and healing. Hence it is very important to add calcium-rich foods to your diet after a knee replacement surgery. Calcium is not only good for your bones but also for your cardiovascular system. It is usually found in dairy products like yoghurt, cheese and milk. Certain fortified foods like seeds and tofu are also loaded with calcium. Leading Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Rakesh Rajput recommends his patients to take 600-1000 mg of calcium every day.

Foods loaded with Vitamin D – We all know that sunlight is good for our joints but do you know why? Well, sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, which is known to promote bone health and helps your body in utilising calcium. Though sunlight is one of the best sources of vitamin D, if you do not wish to stay out in the sun for long, you can always resort to eating foods rich in vitamin D. These include fatty fish, salmon, cheese, fortified milk etc

Foods containing Vitamin C – Just like Vitamin D, Vitamin C is also important for your recovery as its antioxidant properties help to boost the immune function, thereby lowering the risk of infection. Vitamin C also helps to neutralize the effects of free radicals which can otherwise cause various diseases and ailments. It is also known to boost collagen synthesis which is important for your tendons and ligaments. Vitamin C is usually found in citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries and lemon. It is also present in vegetables like bell peppers and Brussels. Experts specialising in knee replacement in Kolkata recommend their patients take around 500 mg of Vitamin C every day for enhancing the healing process.

Foods loaded with zinc – Zinc, too, can speed up the process of your recovery. In fact, a deficiency of zinc in your body can have a drastic impact on your bone health. It is not only important for wound healing but is also known to lower the risk of osteoporosis and unite bone fractures. This is because zinc promotes collagen synthesis. Although zinc is usually found in animal foods like meat, dark poultry and oysters, there are certain vegetarian sources as well. These include beans, fortified cereals and nuts.

Unlikely things that are most likely to cause joint pain

Unlikely things that are most likely to cause joint pain

Joint pain is a very common problem that is experienced by people of all age groups. While people usually associate old age joint pain with old age or underlying medical conditions like arthritis, there are a variety of other factors that may be responsible for your aching limbs. In this blog, we have listed some surprisingly unusual causes of joint pain, with the help of experts from the best hospital in Kolkata.

  • Anxiety – You must be wondering how a psychological problem can lead to orthopaedic symptoms like joint pain. Well, anxiety can be of many different types, usually triggered by excessive fear and behavioural or functional disturbances. Whether you believe it or not, anxiety can indirectly trigger joint pain by releasing stress hormones that can lead to inflammation in different parts of our body. These are commonly referred to as pro-inflammatory cytokines. Extensive and gravity on long-term stress can significantly increase the levels of these, eventually resulting in the inflammation of the joints. So, joint pain is a complex yet less known symptom triggered by anxiety.
  • Weather – Did you know that the changing weather can have a drastic impact on your joints as well? People suffering from joint conditions like Arthritis 10 to experience people suffering from joint conditions like arthritis tend to experience more pain and discomfort during winters as compared to summers. A drop in the atmospheric pressure can cause your tissues to expand, thereby inducing increased pressure on the nerves that are responsible for controlling the pain signals. You will be surprised to know that there are many people out there who can predict a storm or weather change as they start experiencing pain in their joints.

Tissue expansion is not the only way by which changing the other can affect your joints. The temperature change can also bring down the fluid levels in your body and reduce lubrication.

If you think that joint pain only aggravates during the winter season you might need to reconsider that thought. Many people suffer from dehydration during the summers which can lead to excessive loss of body fluids, leading to reduced lubrication. Top orthopaedic surgeons in Kolkata suggest that this can make your joints more prone to degeneration and damage.

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D – People suffering from joint problems are often recommended to take Vitamin D. Deficiency of the same can adversely affect your joints and lead to chronic joint pain. The problem is commonly seen in people who do not eat healthy or go out in the sun. Experts specialising in knee replacement in Kolkata suggest that your joint pain is most likely to aggravate depending upon how long you are deficient in Vitamin D and this will eventually result in arthritis. All you need is 10 to 20 minutes of natural sunlight and some healthy dietary modifications. You can also go for Vitamin D supplements but make it a point to consult your doctor before taking these.
  • Food allergies – Who would’ve imagined that food allergies could be the reason behind their joint pain. Yes, you read that right. Food allergies can be the reason behind your joint pain as these can trigger your immune system, causing it to react to a particular food. The allergic reaction is often inflammatory and affects your joints as well. So it is very important to watch what you are adding to your plate and avoid food that you are allergic to. Also, it is pertinent to note that it is not only food allergies that can lead to inflammation, but also other seasonal allergies. So if you are allergic to pollens, dust, nuts, bee venom, etc it is always a better idea to take all the precautions and even if you develop an allergic reaction seek immediate medical intervention to avoid unnecessary complications.

These less-known causes of joint pain would have surely left you awestruck. To know more about joint pain and how it can be easily managed at home you can consult the best doctors in Kolkata.

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