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Your Lifestyle maybe giving you Kidney stones

Your Lifestyle maybe giving you  Kidney stones

Numerous patients are now coming to us with lower abdominal and lower back pain. In fact the intensity of pain these patients feel has been proven to be second only to labour pains during childbirth.It is already well known that the cases of stones increase during summer, due to the lack of urination and concentration of salts in the urine. However, now the lack of water and concentration of salts may not be the only reason behind these stones.

Increasingly urologists have been coming across a type of stones, called “lifestyle stones” which are formed in the kidney and then pass into the Ureter. They then get stuck in the Ureter causing the unbearable pain known as Ureteric colic. These stones are smaller in size than the traditional kidney stone and measure less than 5-8mm. Multiple stones can be formed at the same time and the pain is almost always accompanied by severe nausea. In recent times we have seen increasing percentages of ureteric colics as opposed to traditional kidney stones. Almost 80-90% of cases are now seen to be these ureteric colics.Stone diseases are also more commonly seen associated with other life style diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, metabolic syndrome. Hence lifestyle and dietary habit modification has become very important to prevent stone diseases specially recurrent stone disease.

These are treated in a two pronged approach. First the pain is taken care of. Once the pain is under control then a urine test, USG followed by a CT Scan is conducted to identify the location of the stone. The stone is then shattered with the use of a laser beam or a Holmium laser.

The alarming number of cases triggered questions on why we were seeing so many cases of these stones. One of the links that was evident was the changes in people’s lifestyles. Junk food, carbonated drinks, fatty foods, alcohol etc were constantly increasing the amount of Uric acid in the system. These stones were found to be mostly composed of Uric Acid – and uric acid is directly linked to dietary habits.

Therefore it is imperative for the population to change lifestyle choices and dietary intake to avoid the number of cases of this extremely painful problem.

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